“Battle Cry”

I thought I would change things up a little, and share with you a song I just wrote.

I was listening to the devotional series on the YouVersion Bible App., “The Struggle is Real,” and it really helped me refocus on God’s intention for my life, and the importance of choices.

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This song is also inspired by my struggle with depression and anxiety. For fellow strugglers, you can’t and shouldn’t live it alone – God’s got your back.

This song is an original by me, so no copying it please, but sharing on social media, from this site, is allowed. Hope you like it!

Battle Cry

Verse 1

We are tired of being slaves

We are tired of being scum

We are tired of losing the battles we thought we had won

Verse 2

We are exhausted beyond belief

We are run down with despair

We are worn out trying to be the one who has all the answers

Chorus 1

Break down these cages, holding us captive

Break down these walls, keeping us from your graces

Break us free of this darkness, blinding our senses

Break us out of this prison, and free us into Your wide-open spaces (x2)

Verse 3

Clean our hearts, Oh God, clean us,

We are filthy from the world and our sinful desires

Now, we are restored to your graces, embraces, yeah –

Let us walk in Your light, never let us go…


Clean us up, from this world

Clean us up, from ourselves

Show the world We are changed

Because we know that our God reigns (x2)

By Adrianne Babbitt


Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

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