I Won’t Apologize for Being Me…Anymore!

Do you ever get tired of feeling the need to be someone else? To look, act, or talk a certain way to be accepted? Well I say no more!

The mission and theme of this entire blog site is to inspire people to live like their BOLD – Beautiful, Overcomer, Loved, Designed. That is my battle cry in the war of self-confidence, self-worth, and personal faith in Jesus Christ!

BOLD & Beautiful

I get so tired of the pressure to wear makeup, to hold in my feelings so I don’t ruffle any feathers, to play the part the world sees fit. I have exhausted myself long enough!

No more people pleasing, time wasting, self-torturing thoughts will I entertain. No more overwhelming myself with the demands of others, and will actually put my and my family’s well-being before the masses.

No longer will I try to live in my own power and strength – which I don’t have without God, anyway. My life goal is to live life confident in my beauty, courageous to overcome any chaos the Enemy, the Devil, throws my way, to be assured I am loved fully and perfectly by God, and take pride in being designed by God.


I want to hear from you! What does it look like, for you, to live BOLD for Jesus? In what area is it the hardest to live BOLD? How can I pray for you as you venture into this life-transforming journey?

I look forward to hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to reach out with you feedback or any questions you may have. Be blessed!

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