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Tis the season for Holy Week – celebrating the last week of Jesus’ life, here on earth, before dying on the cross and rising again, in glory. So many of us get to hear, once again, about Judas Iscariot, who is famous for one thing – betraying Jesus.

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Though Judas did not look like this, I picked this picture because it shows the pensiveness Judas had, but also his look of being lost in himself and in darkness.

My husband gave a joint-sermon tonight, (in April) with our Head Pastor, during our church’s Maundy Thursday service.

They focused on characters of the Biblical narrative of the Last Supper – Jesus, Peter, and Judas.

As the monologue of the character Judas began to unfold, I found Judas more and more relatable to people I know in this time.

In this monologue, Judas admits, “I bring pride and greed to the table,” (the catch-phrase used in their sermon).

However, what caught my attention most, was not that, but what came after. Judas was prideful and greedy, but he didn’t guard his heart.

He was with Jesus through His entire ministry – witnessing miracles, hearing Jesus teach, etc. – and he still was prey to Satan’s attacks, because he didn’t guard his heart. He didn’t overcome the attacks of the enemy, because he didn’t have true faith in Christ.

The scary part is yet to come.

Judas can be equated to so-called Christians today who claim Christ’s name, but don’t play the game.

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I mean, they talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk with Jesus. They attend church, to make an appearance, or simply for a personal agenda.

The everyday Judas walks among us, lukewarm, stagnant, struggling, and prey to Satan’s attacks.

Do you know an everyday Judas? Reach out to them today and make sure they know the true meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior. Make sure they know the true meaning of Easter.

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