He Numbered the Pores on My Face: Hottie Lists, Clogged Pores, Eating Disorders, and Freedom From it All


When I first read this title and subtitle, I had to do a double take. There is a big difference between the light-hearted hottie lists to the heavy enslavement of eating disorders.

The title got me. It is so intriguing, I had to read more.


He Numbered the Pores on My Face, by Scarlet Hiltibidal, is a must read for any teenager, or young woman struggling with insecurities about herself.

Hiltibidal creates the most creative descriptions of people, places, and events.

She generates creative, unique, and comical examples and illustrations, to make get her points across.

Since He Numbered the Pores on My Face, is a chapter book, there were few illustrations.

However, they were used to enhance the effectiveness of the book. I also thought the chapter heading artwork was quite effective.

The book is well-crafted for a teenage audience, and is quite relatable for young adults as well. Hiltibidal includes humorous content to keep the book light-hearted, interesting, and fun.

Eating Disorders

In addition, Hiltibidal describes her personal struggles.

As a teenager, she struggled with an eating disorder.

I liked how her description of her struggle went from harmless to dangerous, giving a play-by-play how she got to that point.

Most importantly, Hiltibidal is very clear how dangerous eating disorders are.

Not only that, she backs up her conclusions with Scripture. Hiltibidal exposes the lies of Satan with the truth of Jesus.


Even as a young adult, this book made an impact on me.

I highly recommend this book for any young woman, teenager or adult.

Hiltibidal’s writing is humorous, relatable, and I couldn’t put it down!

Don’t miss out on this hilarious, meaningful read!

About the Author

Scarlet Hiltibidal is a very professional wife and mother to her family in Middle Tennessee.

She loves sign language with her daughters, nachos by herself, writing for her friends, and dreaming of being a famous chef while spilling the cheese dust from the macaroni box on the kitchen counter and using it anyway.

She treasures the freedom of resting in the work of Jesus and hopes to help others rest as well. Her book Afraid of All the Things released in January 2019.

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