A SLUGS & BUGS Story: Are We Still Friends?


When I saw this book as an option for review, I couldn’t resist. Between the name of the series and the colorful illustrations, I was hooked.


Are We Still Friends? by Randall Goodgame, is a fun, playful story about friendship.

The friends, Sparky and Slug are getting ready for a picnic with the rest of their friends. But when Slug sees the delicious pizza flavored chips Sparky brought, he couldn’t resist trying just one.

I won’t give away the rest of the story, but this book teaches a great lesson about telling the truth and the importance in trust, especially in friendship.


As I said in the beginning, the colorful and playful illustrations caught my eye right away.

The illustrations are detailed, yet simple; colorful, yet blends well together; and creative, yet straightforward.

I love the way the illustrator made the characters so memorable and unique.


I (and my kids) highly recommend this book. Not only for the content and the illustrations, but for the strong, godly message to tell the truth, and to love and forgive our friends.

Forgiveness and trust are key to any successful relationship.

Meet the Author

Randall Goodgame is a singer/songwriter and the creative force behind the family music brand Slugs & Bugs. He has recorded eight solo albums and contributed to numerous others.

He has written songs for VeggieTales, Caedmon’s Call, Andrew Peterson, Jason Gray, Jill Phillips, and Eric Peters. Randall and his family call Nashville home, but he also began touring in 2010 to bring Slugs & Bugs to families nationwide.

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