Response to Riots – George Floyd Death

If everyone’s lives matter, why are innocent people being punished? Black lives matter, so do every other race. Hatred does not justify violence, it just fuels the fire 🔥.

Peace and education on how to treat others more fairly can help put out the fire instead.

When companies are paying people to cause chaos and destruction, that’s not not only racism, that’s an agenda being worked out by causing fear and death, to gain control over others.

Our town is being targeted this Thursday night. Pray for our family and our town. 🙏😢

Join us on a prayer walk this Wednesday night, 6:30pm at First Baptist Church in Spencer. Be the change. #reachspencer

Prayers to the families who’ve lost people during this time. ❤️🙏

#blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #georgefloyd #prayforpeace #thehavenblog

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