“From and Before God” by Sugel Michelén


From & Before God: A Practical Introduction to Expository Preaching by Sugel Michelén is a great resource for any pastor.

Michelén focus is based on the verse 2 Cor. 2:17, where ministers are called to preach “as from and before God.” Pastors are commissioned by God, for God alone.

Michelén asks pastors, “How would you preach differently if Jesus was sitting in your church, listening? He is!”

This book is broken into three parts, for accessibility and organization: The Theological Anchor; The Nature, Form & Content of the Expository Sermon; and Step-By-Step Preparation of an Expository Sermon.

Michelén includes quotes from notable pastors and theologians, is highly integrated with Scripture and highly supported with backed up research.


Michelén integrates his concepts well, with an abundance of scriptural support, analyzation, and personal application. I can feel the passion emanating from each page of Michelén’s book.

I like how the author incorporated humor, relatable examples, and clear imagery for understanding. I recommend this book as a resource for anyone seeking to begin or improve their expository preaching.

About the Author

Sugel Michelén, has been a pastor at IBSJ for more than 30 years, leading the preaching ministry almost every Sunday. 

He is known by our distributors as a lecturer and more recently as the author of the B&H Spanish book “De parte de Dios”. 

Moved by the understanding that children must be nurtured in the fear and admonition of the Lord, he has completed a large number of studies in education and has served for several years as director of ACSI Latin America.

 This has not only established him as an amazing communicator, but also as someone ideal for working with children and their parents. 

In addition, for over 25 years, Sugel has served as a senior executive and professor of philosophy at IBSJ Private College (Logos CS)

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