“Resuscitating Evangelism” by Jordan Easley & Ernest Easley


Resuscitating Evangelism by father-son duo, Jordan Easley & Ernest Easley, who are both pastors and evangelists. Their shared goal is to “share a biblical strategy for obeying Jesus and bringing new life to evangelism.”

The authors debunk excuses of Christians and churches as to why they don’t evangelize regularly.

This book includes eight chapters and an interlude, which rare feature I’ve never seen in a book before. the Easley’s integrate Scripture, quotes, highlight key points, lists, comparisons, personal experiences, etc.

All of their content is heavily supported by sources and research.


As for me, I liked how the authors pointed out, over discipling the church kills it, if lacks evangelism outside the church. Now that they point that out, i’ve definitely witnessed churches plagued with this perspective.

I admire their passion and drive to promote evangelism to today’s Christians.

I love the authors creativity in using health/medical terminology throughout the book, to unify the book as a whole. The imagery was quite effective and a unique angle to this important topic.

As an author, I can tell these two authors, pairing up, elevates the book, by offering and highlighting their own expertise.

I highly recommend this book to any Christian or church, to further equip them for evangelism.

About the Authors

Ernest Easley is the teaching pastor over evangelism at First Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Ernest Easley

He served as a lead pastor for over thirty-one years in Texas and Georgia and professor of evangelism for three years at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

He studied at Baylor University, Dallas Baptist University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Luther Rice Seminary.

Ernest is the author of Through the Valleys and contributor on sermonsearch.com and preaching.com. He and his wife, Julie, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Jordan Easley is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Jordan Easley

He holds degrees from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas and Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and also attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jordan is the author of Life Change: Finding a New Way to Hope, Think, and Live.

He and his wife, Audra, live in Cleveland, Tennessee and are the proud parents of their two children, Jailee and Asher.

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