“Fight for Love,” by Rosie Makinney

Fight for Love, by Rosie Makinney, is a profound book about the effects of pornography addiction in marriage.


As a wife of a porn-addict herself, her experience and research combined, is a “life-changing resource” for wives of porn addicts (Josh McDowell, author).

Makinney focuses on how porn affects men, their wives, and kids – providing families tools to fight back and make recovery possible. She has packed her ten chapters with neuroscience research findings, Scripture, a biblical battle plan, and her personal, informational memoir.

“Fight for Love” debunks cultural norms and lies associated with sex and pornography. Highly researched and supported by sources, Makinney even suggests both men and women’s brains are susceptible to pornography.


“Fight for Love” is highly recommended by author, Josh McDowell. Personally, it was hard to face this topic, but quite insightful. I appreciate the author & her contributor’s honesty about their struggle with pornography.

Lastly, I admire the author’s goal in publishing this book. You’re not alone in this marital struggle. I highly recommend this book as a resource for couples. This book will equip you and your spouse with the tools needed to find healing, recovery and restoration.

About the Author

Main Author

Rosie Makinney is a writer and speaker who ten years ago entered the fight against her husband’s compulsive porn use. Through her faithful and uncompromising stance and his repentance, counseling, and group work, their marriage is now porn-free.

Rosie Makinney

From the very beginning of her journey, Rosie has been bold and relentless about reaching other wives struggling with porn-invaded marriages and has built a recovery community on the central coast of California.

Together with her husband, Mark, a certified sexual addiction therapist, Rosie founded Fight For Love Ministries, which takes a message of hope and truth into churches.

Rosie is passionate about kick-starting this discussion among women to empower them with both the facts and the faith to fight against porn addiction and its effects on them, their spouses, and their families. Connect with her at RosieMakinney.com.

Forward Only

Josh McDowell, internationally known for his books on apologetics (Evidence That Demands a Verdict) and youth culture (Right from Wrong) as well as his innovative mission outreaches into the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, would tell you in a minute what his first ministry is–his family. He and Dottie, his wife of more than thirty years, still keep tabs on their four children from their home.

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