“Handle with Care: How Jesus Redeems the Power of Touch in Life & Ministry” by Lore Ferguson Wilbert


Handle with Care: How Jesus Redeems the Power of Touch in Life & Ministry by Lore Ferguson Wilbert, is a rare book about the role of appropriate touch in the Christian ministry.

Wilbert’s premise is based on Matthew 8:3, “Jesus stretched out his hand and touched…” showing Jesus Himself used touch in His ministry.

“Handle with Care” is based on her theology of the beneficial and necessity of “healthy, pure, faithful, ministering touch” (Wilbert).

Wilbert’s purpose is to combat culture and the churches’ fear of touch being threatened or threatening.

In her ten chapters, Wilbert goes into detail about a variety of topics. These include: the types of touch, abuse, miscarriage, singleness, physical discipline, sibling violence, etc.


Personally, I like how Wilbert includes questions for reflection or conversation in the back, both for groups or individuals, concerning each chapter. Wilbert is authentically passionate about this topic.

She even goes so far as to write a letter specifically to victims of abuse. I love how Wilbert acknowledges those victimized by touch, etc. and wrote the entire book with them in mind. How compassionate and considerate!

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About the Author

Lore Ferguson Wilbert has lived all over the United States but will always be most at home in the Northeast. She holds a degree in English from Lee University.

She has been published by Christianity Today, Fathom Magazine, LifeWay Leaders, LifeWay Voices, The Gospel Coalition, Revive Our Hearts, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and more, on spiritual formation, faith, culture, and theology in life.

She also teaches writing and edits on the side. You can read more of her work at Sayable.net.

She and her husband live with their Wheaten, their books, their gardens, and a stocked tea box at all times.

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