Quick Update: Baby, Goals and a Sneak Peak…


Many of you may be wondering why I haven’t written in weeks. Well, we just had our baby boy on February 20th and we are beyond blessed!

The Babbitt’s

Shout out to my husband, who powered through labor with me, despite my screams. Let’s just say I asked for an epidural a little too late, like 9 cm too late.

The last couple weeks of pregnancy, my mommy-brain was not letting me form cohesive thoughts. Now, I’m glad to be back, writing to all of you.


In 2021, I have many goals I hope to accomplish. I plan to publish 2-3 books, finish a business for creatives program to build a better foundation for my business, and utilize my SPS course to better publish and launch these books.


For those of you who follow my writing, I hope you keep me accountable and encouraged. Having a new baby is great and time consuming, but I’m still me and I plan to continue my author journey.

If anything, I feel amazing, motivated, and more focused than I have been in a long time.

Sneak Peek

Lastly, what would you think if I posted sneak peeks of chapters to my NEW novel?

The Princess Who Changed the World – Front Cover

As I wait for my children’s book illustrations to be completed, for The Princess Who Changed the World, I’m looking to the future.

The next book on the horizon will be the fist novel in an anticipated YA Fiction series called, The Haven Diaries: Dating, Purity and the Unknown – Book 1.

I’m so excited to finish this novel and share it with all of you – it’s one of my best works yet!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at Chapter 1!!

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