Princess Amora book is finally released!

Spanish version

I’m proud to announce that my first children’s book, Princess Amora: Discovers What True Beauty is All About, is finally published! It was released on and IngramSpark on November 15, 2021. It is available in ebook, paperback and hardcover formats, in both English and Spanish versions (La Princesa Amora).

Princess Amora has everything a girl could ever want, but she isn’t happy. She goes to find the answer to her question, “Am I pretty enough?” She asks the King, the Queen, her best friend, and the Most High King. Will Princess Amora find the answer she’s looking for? Who has the answer? Join Princess Amora on her quest to discover what true beauty is all about!

Since I’ve been so focused on getting my book published, for the last several months, I haven’t written here in a long time, but am so excited to be back with you, my readers!

Next on the docket for me will be sending out my updated newsletter, writing on the blog, training as a proofreader and planning to release more books this year! Stay tuned!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May this be a blessed year for all of you!

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