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  • Your Everyday Judas
    Tis the season for Holy Week – celebrating the last week of Jesus’ life, here on earth, before dying on the cross and rising again, in glory. So many of us get to hear, once again, about Judas Iscariot, who Read More
  • The Problem with Jonah
    Do you know those Christians who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk? Those Christians that claim to know what God says in His word, but don’t follow it? That my friends is the problem with Jonah. Our community Read More
  • To Fear or Not to Fear…
    Are you tired of drowning in fear? Fear of anything…of dying, losing the ones you love, being broke financially, and of countless other things? Read on, and break the cycle of fear! You are not alone. Many, many people, including Read More
  • Toxic Relationships
    Are you someone who wonders, “How did I get into this relationship in the first place?” Some relationships are like that, because they are toxic. Recently, I have been observing current and past relationships in which one spouse dominates the Read More
  • Pressing into the Stress
    If you couldn’t tell by my previous two posts, stress must be the theme lately. Is anyone else feeling the pressure of the impending school year inevitably approaching? Rowdy kids, who are tired of being home, stressed out moms – Read More
  • Trapped in a Bottle
    Do you ever feel like you are a shaken pop bottle, about to explode? I mean, so crammed full of emotion, you are about to burst? So many times, it begins with one main stress. This stress could be anything Read More
  • Stress Management, God’s Way
    Are you stressed? Are you stressed about being stressed out? You’re not alone. Everyone experiences stress many times throughout their lives. However, it is how we manage our stress that makes the biggest impact on us and those around us. Read More
  • The Destruction of Nagging
    One of the deadliest toxins to marriage is nagging. Whether it’s that honey-to-do-list, or that topic you can’t seem to agree on, nagging drives the steak into the heart of your spouse, every time. My Own Marriage I asked my Read More