Quick Update: Baby, Goals and a Sneak Peak…

Baby Many of you may be wondering why I haven’t written in weeks. Well, we just had our baby boy on February 20th and we are beyond blessed! Shout out to my husband, who powered through labor with me, despite my screams. Let’s just say I asked for an epidural a little too late, like Read More

“The Great Farmapalooza” by Jill Roman Lord

Content The Great Farmapalooza by Jill Roman Lord, is a fun children’s board book. This book’s message is farm animals praising God and teaching animal noises you find on a farm. The story begins at sunrise, until sunset – which was clever for the author to incorporate. Several times in the book, the animals praise Read More

The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society by Randall Goodgame

The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society by Randall Goodgame, is a great first book in a meaningful children’s book series. Content Goodgame presents a group of Christians as a raccoon society. This is quite creative, because raccoons are known for their scavenger and thieving qualities, mirroring our human sin nature. This first book’s focus is Read More