“The Great Farmapalooza” by Jill Roman Lord


The Great Farmapalooza by Jill Roman Lord, is a fun children’s board book.

This book’s message is farm animals praising God and teaching animal noises you find on a farm. The story begins at sunrise, until sunset – which was clever for the author to incorporate.

Several times in the book, the animals praise and thank God, giving Him credit for the animals and plants He’s made. The Great Farmapalooza teaches God’s perfect and unconditional love, His goodness, good creation, provision, and thankfulness.

In addition, the book describes the actions of the animals, the noises they make, and their roles on the farm.

This book has flaps to open, revealing additional animals sounds. It has smooth, durable, and easy to turn pages. The publisher even incorporated shiny sparkles in the cover, further appealing to children.


My kids love this book! The illustrations and flaps keep their attention. The book is big enough so they can see well, but not too heavy for toddlers to hold.

For myself, I admire the organized plot and creativity put into this book. I truly value books that give glory to God, in a fun, understandable way.

I would highly recommend this book for any family, with young children.

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